If we look at the various pariahs from around the world,
we can see how very similar they are.

Carolina Dogs, a breed of pariahs discovered living wild in the swamps of South Carolina in the United States.
Pariahs photographed in India, one in Jaipur (top) and one in Haridwar (bottom), in 2000
Dingos, the pariahs of Australia
These pariahs were photographed in Egypt in 1987, in the vicinity of Sakkara.

These Canaans, some Bedouin dogs and some wild or semi wild, were
photographed over a period of many years in various parts of the south of Israel.

Bedouin Canaan Dogs, Tel Arad 2001

Bedouin dog near Massada, 1987
Wild born Canaan bitch registered by Prof.Menzel, 1968
Ch.Canaan, sired by Bedouin dog