Caoilta News 2002

Myrna Shiboleth, who is THE foremost authority on the Canaan Dog, has written "Guidelines to judging the Canaan Dog" for the Israel Kennel Club. In full colour and with many photographs detailing what is correct and incorrect in the breed.
Click here to view the Judging Guide

Today I uploaded the Judges critique from Dezi's recent Best Puppy in Breed win at BUBA, and very nice it is too! We recently attended the LKA Champ show and he was awarded 3rd in AVNSC Utility junior, he was the only Canaan in his class the rest being Shiba Inu. Dezi was very happy wandering around the NEC and meeting lots of other dogs and people although he was not impressed with the indoor exercise areas. He dug around in the sawdust but obviously didn't get the idea! He did his 'business' on the way back to the benches :0) I met a lot of people I haven't seen for ages so had a good natter and watched some judging in other breeds I am interested in as well as the obligatory LKA Christmas shopping. A most enjoyable and relaxing day.

In the weekly dog papers today there was a notice stating that the classes printed in the Crufts schedule for the Canaan Dog were incorrect and that we had been reduced to three, Special yearling dog/bitch, Open Dog and Open Bitch. I was puzzled as to why these classes had been reduced and changed so I rang the kennel Club. The lady I spoke to was most helpful and told me that the KC had received a complaint from the Canaan Dog Club and had reduced the classes because of this. A wonderful example of the Clubs pledge to "Promote the interests of the Canaan Dog in the UK"
Quote of the moment - "When the centre of the universe is found a lot of people will be very disappointed to find out they are not it." - unknown

Today we attended the BUBA Champ show. Dezi was a bit overwhelmed by the very large noisy hall at first but quickly settled down and relaxed, especially when his sister Sandy arrived. I was hoping to qualify him for Crufts at this show and would have been very happy with just that, but he was awarded 2nd in a PGD class of 4 dogs
and BEST PUPPY DOG which was an excellent result. His sister Sandy got 2nd in PGB and BEST PUPPY BITCH. This of course meant they had to go up against each other for Best Puppy in Breed. Mr Jolley awarded BEST PUPPY IN BREED to Dezi but was very complimentary about both of them and was particularly impressed by how steady they were in the ring whilst being handled. They have now both qualified for Crufts so mission accomplished. Jill's Benji was awarded 3rd in Open dog so he too has qualified. By the time we got into the Best in Show ring Dezi was very tired and fed up but he stood and moved well which is more than enough for a 6 month old at his first Champ show.

Today Jill Terry and I attended the Nordic Show. In the breed classes Tzel got 4th in Open because according to the judge he was lame! After the judging was finished I asked several people from other breeds to watch me move him but no one could see any apparent lameness :0/
There were no puppy classes in Canaan dogs so Dezi and Sandy were entered in AV Puppy instead. Their class was the biggest of the day. Out of 27 puppies Dezi was awarded 4th! A wonderful result for his first show and against such strong competition! The Judge, Mr M Stockman, was impressed with his and Sandy's behaviour especially considering they were so young and it was their first show. So an excellent first outing for Dezi :0)

I have added a new photo taken today by Jill Terry to Dezi's page he turned 6 months old today! He has his first show tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing how he reacts to the much busier and noisier atmosphere than he has been used to at his ringcraft classes.

The Crufts schedules are now available! Canaan Dogs have 8 classes in all, Junior Dog, Junior Bitch, Post Graduate Dog, Post Graduate Bitch, Open Dog, Open Bitch, Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch. We are in ring 16, hall 4 and will be judged after the Keeshonds. Our Judge is Miss M. Vincent.

Today I have added some new titles to the Books page. A new photo of Dezi on the front page, and a couple of new photos in his album.
Sadly, Babrees Desert Shadow, Jake's, first home did not work out, and he is currently looking for a new home. Jake is a lovely, outgoing young boy, 5 months old, with a wonderful character. He has been well trained and has his mother's kind and gentle temperament. If you think you can provide a permanent, loving home for him and would like to meet him please, contact
Jill & Ian Terry (Babrees) Due to the cost and trauma of shipping that would be involved with a 5 month old puppy, Jill & Ian regret that Jake is not available to homes in the USA. Click here to see Jake
Quote of the moment "Humour is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood." Mary Hirsch

Today I have uploaded some new photos of Dezi to his page and album. He is growing into a very handsome boy with a great attitude to everything. He loves meeting new people especially children and enjoys his daily trips into the middle of our local town. He, along with his sister Sandy, have been visiting the town centre almost daily since they were five weeks old. They were initially carried everywhere but after their inoculations they were able to walk on leads, many people approach Jill and I to say hello to Dezi and Sandy and say they remember us carrying them round as tiny puppies.
Socialising a Canaan dog at a very early age is extremely important, they must be exposed to as many different sights and sounds as possible before 12 weeks old. It is a huge commitment in time and effort, cramming in as many positive experiences with people and places as possible,
travelling many miles to various ring craft and training classes etc. With a lot of work and a pinch of luck you may end up with a Canaan dog who does not go through a marked fear period, does not back off from judges and does give a very good account of itself in the show ring, moving nicely with tail up and head high, but of course you can bet your bottom dollar that someone will then accuse your dog of having an incorrect temperament!
Quote of the moment - "Some people reach the top of the ladder....only to find it's leaning against the wrong wall" author unknown

Yesterday Jill Terry and I accompanied by her Babrees Crystal Hurricane (Cane),
Babrees Desert Song (Sandy) and my Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta (Dezi) attended the Malvern Autumn Show. We were part of the Animal World section with several other dog breeds represented. Our Canaan area consisted of two stables, one with an enclosure for the dogs and the other for displaying photos and leaflets. Dezi and Sandy spent their day in the enclosure greeting the many adults and children who stopped to say hello while Cane was the official greeter at the photograph and information section. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed enjoying pats and cuddles from adults and children alike. He demonstrated typical Canaan temperament for his age (9 months) being neither "fearful" nor "wary" of the many people who approached and greeted him during the course of the day. After recent events in the show ring it just goes to show that the judges method of approach can make a huge difference to how a youngster behaves.

I just happened to notice while reading the schedule for the Canaan Dog club open show that there has been a change to the committee, one member has left and a new one has appeared. I presume that the club was going to get around to informing the members of the change to the committee at some stage this year??!!

Friday the 13th was certainly not unlucky for David, Hazel and Babrees The Milky Way, bred by Jill and Ian Terry, she was awarded Best Of Breed at Darlington Championship Show! Jill and her owners David and Hazel were delighted with the result and Tanya looked very nice in the Group ring. The rest of the Canaan dog Judging was "interesting" to say the least!

Today I have added some more photos of Dezi to his album. I am very pleased with how he is growing and developing. He is so active and certainly keeps me on my toes. His 'thing' with paddling in his water dish (inherited from his dad!) has now advanced to leaping into the fish pond! He did fall in when he was 9 weeks old while trying to take a short cut across the lilly pads, but instead of climbing out feeling sorry for himself he did a lap and climbed out on his own very pleased with himself :0) He has discovered that there is a ledge around the pond where he can stand up to his belly in water and watch the fish at close quarters. Dezi and Ash, the cat who thinks he is a dog, get on very well and have wrestling matches on occasions, Dezi will also allow Ash to share his dinner, I will do my best to get some shots of these capers for his album.

I have added a photo album for Dezi and have also uploaded a page about Dezi's very famous name sake, racing legend Desert Orchid.

Nothing much happening on the show scene here at Caoilta for various reasons, none of them as dramatic as some people would make out LOL. Of course one of the many reasons for me not showing so much is that I now have a young puppy at home who needs socialisation and company, I am sure that even the writer of the conspiracy theories (see below) would agree that it would be in totally inhumane to leave any dog, let alone a young puppy, on its own in a cage for the 12 plus hours I might be away from home at a dog show. I only use a cage for young puppies during the times when I might not be able to keep a close eye on them, to stop them getting into mischief. My adult dogs do not spend any time in a cage but have free run of their part of the house when they are not in the garden.
Dezi is growing very well and has developed into a real character, both his ears are now up and I hope to put some newer photos of him on the site soon. He and my partners young Schnauzer Santa get on very well and play non stop, Dezi enjoys the concept of having a playmate with a tuggy rope attached to his chin! He is getting on very well at ringcraft training too where he enjoys meeting the other dogs and distracting his little sis Sandy when it is her turn.

Recently a lot of incorrect assumptions have been made by a certain individual, in the dog press as well as on the Internet, about why I have or have not entered under certain judges, why I attended the World Show and who I spent my day with! As well as being very sad It is also beginning to sound like an episode of the x-files with conspiracy theories left right and centre. Of course I always take this sort of thing with a large pinch of salt, in one ear and out the other etc.
However after reading the latest batch of ramblings I did eventually stop laughing, and marvelled at the vivid imagination at work. My favourite quote immediately came to mind...................
"If you continue to stir a pile of poo it will continue to stink, but if you just ignore it, it eventually dries up and goes away"

TZEL 1ST OPEN, BEST RARE BREED & SHORTLISTED FOR BIS! Today myself, my Partner Mark and Jill Terry attended the East of England Ladies Kennel Association Open Show at Newmarket. Twix did not do well in AVNSC but my partners Schnauzer, Novahawk In The Mood For Skalyte, won 1st Post Graduate and went on to get reserve Best AVNSC!
In Rare Breed classes, judged by Mrs. J Robin-Smith, Cane won 2nd in Puppy and Jack won 1st Junior. Tzel was awarded 1st Open and then BEST RARE BREED, he then went on to be shortlisted by Mr. Frank Kane for Best In Show! The weather on the day started off very nice but just as the judging for best in show was getting underway a thunderstorm with torrential rain started so there was a mad dash for the wet weather ring, the noise from the thunder, high wind and heavy rain was incredible but it did not seem to affect any of the dogs in the BIS ring so judging went on as normal. So another great day for Tzel and Santa.

I did not attend Leeds Championship Show but Jill went with Cane and Tess, Cane was awarded 1st Puppy Dog but unfortunately the Judge approached cautiously with his hand extended and this caused Cane to back off slightly (which he has never done before) even after repeated requests from Jill for him to approach Cane in a matter of fact manner and go over him, he refused. And worryingly, especially considering all that has been written elsewhere lately about Canaan Dogs "guarding" their owners, the Judge stated that he was worried about being bitten! So yet again Tess was not entered into her class as this hesitant approach from the Judge would have upset her greatly. Afterwards Jill did get several people outside the ring to go over Cane in the proper manner and he was fine. So please Judges, when faced with a Canaan Dog approach and go over it as you would any other dog, even a Canaan who backs off. The more the Judge hesitates the more nervous the dog will become, usually once the Judge has hands on the dog will stand firm. Canaan Dogs are NOT fear biters.

Today a new member joined the Caoilta Gang! I have named him Dezi. Sire: Italian, International, World 2000, Europe '99, Bundessieger '98 CH. Velikaya's Lahatutan (Norby) Dam: Layla Me Shaar Hagai (Layla). He is a real bundle of fun and has taken being introduced to the rest of the gang, the cat and chickens all in his stride. I am looking forward to watching him grow up and develop and eventually join Tzel and Twix in the show ring later this year. Thank you to Jill and Ian Terry for entrusting me with this special boy.

TWIX 1ST LIMIT DOG. I did not have Tzel entered in the Canaan Classes today at South Wales, but in German Spitz classes Twix was awarded 1st in Limit Dog! The Judge was Mrs. B Grounds who replaced Mr. R C Young.

7/7/02 Uploaded new Canaan Dog Breed Description page.

Click here to see new photos of Layla's and Norby's puppies at six weeks old, all free standing and tails up!

Yesterday Jill Terry and I attended the World Show in Amsterdam and had a wonderful time. We flew out early in the morning and flew back the same evening!
The Canaan Dog BOB and World Winner Bitch was Isabella Zirri's, Italian, Israeli, International, Europe '98 J. CH.Velikaya's Shenef (Vaniglietta) and World Winner Dog was her brother, Italian, International, World 2000, Europe '99, Bundessieger '98 CH. Velikaya's Lahatutan (Norby). Well done to Isabella!! It was great to see Norby again as both Jill and I have really missed him since he went back to Italy. It was also lovely to meet so many Canaan owners from other countries, and also to meet the dogs many of whom I had only seen in photos. Our friends Henk and Michael from Holland very kindly drove from the airport to the show, showed us around and translated the catalogue for us :0) and then drove us back to the airport. Thanks guys!
I also took the opportunity to have a look around at the many breeds which are not recognised in the UK amongst my favourite being the Thai Ridgeback.

Today at Windsor Jill Terry's, Cane (Babrees Crystal Hurricane), had his first Championship Show outing. He was awarded a 1st AVNSC Puppy
Dog and qualified for Crufts. He looked smashing in the ring and has definitely inherited his Dads good looks and character. Congratulations to Jill and Cane and here's to much more of the same! Tzel was awarded 1st Limit Dog, and Canes Mum Beth, (Babrees Bethea Batyam)
was awarded a 1st Limit Bitch.

Jill Terry had some great news about Roxy, Babrees Crystal Gale, who lives in the US. At her very first show at just 6 months old, she won Winners Bitch and a 4-point Major towards her Championship!! The judge was well respected all rounder Jean Fournier.

Went to Blackpool Championship Show yesterday. I didn't have Tzel entered in AVNSC at this particular show but did have Twix entered, t
he German Spitz Mittel Judge was Frank Cane and I was very happy when he awarded Twix with 2nd in Limit Dog. He took a long time to make up his mind between Twix and the dog who eventually beat him, putting both of the dogs back on the table for a second look. After he made his decision he told me that they were both lovely dogs and that it was a very close decision. My partner Mark also had a good day with his Schnauzer Santa, in his very first Post Graduate class he was awarded a 1st place.

TZEL 1ST OPEN, BEST OF BREED & GROUP 3. Had a great result today at Newmarket Open Show when Tzel was awarded Best of Breed and then went on in a very large and strong group class to take Group 3! The Breed Judge was Mr Terry Burgess and the Group Judge was Mr Ralph Holmes. Thanks go to both Judges for appreciating Tzel so much. Tess was awarded 3rd in Special yearling and the Judge commented that both her and her brothers movement was superb but they lost out because of their shyness. We are working very hard with them to improve their confidence, but they are going through a particularly bad fear period at the moment it is proving hard work, we know it will be worth it in the end.

Yesterday Jill and I attended the Three Counties Championship show, I had Tzel entered in AVNSC Terrier and Utility. Jill had Benji and Tess entered and Jan and Rob McLeod also had a Canaan in attendance.
In the Open Dog class we all noticed that the judge did not seem to be very interested in watching or handling the Canaan dogs and told Jill that she did not want to go over them because she did not want "to upset them". Jill did make a point of asking the judge to go over Benji but she barely touched him. Because we did not feel that the Judge was treating each dog fairly and equally we withdrew Tess from her Puppy Bitch Class in protest. She was the only puppy in attendance. So she would have qualified for Crufts, won Best Puppy and gone on to challenge in the puppy group ring, but as this Judge was unwilling to assess the dogs properly we felt that we did not want to enter Tess under her even if it meant missing out on such a nice award, Winning isn't everything!!!

TZEL 1ST OPEN & BEST RARE BREED. Huntingdonshire Canine Society Open Show. Many thanks to Judge Mr Keith Young. Jack won 3rd in Rare Breed Puppy and Beth (Babrees Bethea Batyam) was awarded 2nd in Rare Breed Open. Twix had a great day too coming home with BEST AVNSC, thanks go to Mrs Zena Wallace, also thanks to Jill Terry who once again helped me out in the Best in Show ring with Twix and Tzel.

TZEL 1ST LIMIT DOG AVNSC. Southern Counties Championship Show. I am happy to announce that my partners Schnauzer was awarded reserve best dog in AVNSC! Only beaten by the French Bulldog who went on to be shortlisted in the Group. Well done to Mark and Santa.

LAYLA'S PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!!! 1 white and cream boy, 1 sand girl, 2 black girls and 2 black boys!! Click here to see photos.

TZEL 1ST OPEN, BEST DOG AND BEST OF BREED The Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show. Many thanks to Judge Mrs Mary Deats for thinking so highly of Tzel. The Utility Group had already been called during the Canaan Judging and after sprinting across the showground I made it with only 4 dogs left to go! Tzel gave a very good account of himself in the group ring being much more composed than his out of breath and flustered owner!

TZEL 1ST OPEN DOG AND RESERVE BEST DOG The National Dog Show, Stafford. Tzel really enjoyed himself today, maybe a bit too much!! In the challenge for best dog he went around the ring backwards because he was play bowing to the puppy behind us! I have been blessed that he enjoys showing so much and still sees it as fun two years into his career.

Representing the Canaan dog at the All About Dogs Canine event in Brentwood today was, Jill Terry's Beth (Babrees Bethea Batyam) Beth's son Cane (Babrees Crystal Hurricane) and Tzel (Tzel Schacmac among Caoilta). Visitors to the stand were treated to breed information, lots of photographs of the breed from all around the world as well as puppy kisses from Cane! All three of the dogs behaved very well and were excellent ambassadors for the breed. At the end of the day we took part in the parade of breeds around the main ring. A long and tiring day for all concerned but a wonderful opportunity to promote the breed and raise its profile amongst other dog folk as well as members of the public.

BABREES LITTER DUE AROUND 24TH OF MAY 2002!! Layla Me Shaar Hagai X It & Int Ch Velikaya's Lahatutan. All enquiries to Jill Terry.

After looking through some old dog papers I have added more Judges critiques to Tzel's Show results and Critique's page.

Kings Lynn & Dist Open Show.

Some test results for Babrees The Lunar Eclipse, Schensi, who lives in Sweden. 
Eyes - Clear. Patella Luxation - Clear. Elbows - Clear. Hips - A/A.

1ST PGD, RESERVE BEST DOG, BEST AVNSC PUPPY & PUPPY GROUP 1!!!  Suffolk Canine Association Open Show

Jill Terry, (Babrees) will be judging  Canaan dogs at the Bath Championship Show 2002.  Of course this means I will be unable to enter Tzel as she co bred him with Myrna Shiboleth, but I hope to be ringside to watch the judging. Congratulations Jill!

We had a wonderful day today at the BUBA Open show. Tzel won 1st Open Dog and Best of Breed under Mrs J. Heritage and then went on to win 3rd Best in Show under Mrs  J. Lilley!! Jill, Ian and I are delighted. 
We also did well with Jack, Makiwer Black Knight for Tokra,  when he won Best Canaan Dog Puppy! Jack and his sister Tess are owned in partnership between myself, Jill Terry and Michelle Powell. Tess, Makiwer Enchantress for Tokra, was awarded 3rd in Junior. 
I was also delighted when my Partners Schnauzer, Santa, Novahawk In The Mood for Skalyte, was awarded BOB, I was handling him as Mark had to work. Thanks to Jill for helping me out in the main ring with Tzel and Santa.

Isabella Zirri's dog Norby, It & Int Ch Velikaya's Lahatutan, won 1st Open Dog and Best Dog at Crufts 2002. In the Junior Bitch class Jill Terry's bitch Stella, Babrees the Cosmic Spirit, won 2nd and David and Hazel Braddock's bitch Tanya, Babrees The Milky Way won 3rd. 
Jill and Ian's Layla, Layla Me Shaar Hagai, also did well with a 2nd placing in Open Bitch.
Well done to them all!!

Jill Terry recently had all of her Canaan dogs tested for patella luxation and all tested clear.