Caoilta News 2003

Myrna Shiboleth, who is THE foremost authority on the Canaan Dog, has written "Guidelines to judging the Canaan Dog" for the Israel Kennel Club. In full colour and with many photographs detailing what is correct and incorrect in the breed.
Click here to view the Judging Guide


Mitzi is now officially named "Runfold Fast Forward To Caoilta"

Ookii turned 6 years old yesterday! My first real show dog he completely changed my life (and my house!) when he came home as a cute bundle of fluff all that time ago. He taught me so much, and it was with him that I made my first steps into the wonderful? world of dog showing, it was also because of him, and his allergies, that I started feeding my dogs a raw diet.

Went to LKA today with Dezi and Mitzi. Dezi was awarded 1st in Post Graduate Dog in AVNSC Utility. A dog food company which had a stand near the ring had a 15 foot tall, bright pink, heart shaped, helium filled balloon 10 foot above their stand looming over the ring and Dezi was not happy about it at all!!!! LOL
Mitzi won 1st in German Spitz Puppy Bitch in a class of 9 and BEST PUPPY BITCH! I didn't have Twix entered today but as you can see by this photo taken last night as I was packing my show bag, he seemed quite keen to come along, bless him! So apart from getting stuck on the way home in a huge traffic jam on the M6 caused by an accident, we had a good day all round.
Jill Terry also had a great day with her Papillion puppy "Mia", she won 3rd in a very large Minor Puppy class which is no mean feat in a breed with large classes like that.

I had a laugh yesterday when I read a report on a recent show in the dog press, the writer had been told that a Canaan Dog she considered to be a tricolour (he is black white and tan - a tricolour) was in fact a black, white and sable, not a tricolour at all!!!??? Those of you who know about colour genetics know that because black is dominant to sable it is impossible for a dog to be black, white AND sable.

Added a link to The Canaan Dog Journal an International quarterly Canaan Dog magazine. This and the next issue are available for all to view, not just subscribers.

Yesterday at the BUBA Championship show 6 month old Babrees Rumour Has It, owned by Doris and Mike Cannon, became the first ever Canaan Dog puppy to be shortlisted for Best Puppy In Show at a Championship Show in the UK. Congratulations to Mike, Doris an of course "Cain's" breeders Jill and Ian Terry.
I had Dezi, Twix, Santa and Mitzi entered. Mitzi had to be left at home as she was in season. Twix was awarded 2nd in Open Dog which I was pleased about. Santa got 3rd in Limit dog, Dezi won 1st his Post Graduate Class and went on to be awarded Reserve Best Dog! I also did a bit of handling at the show. I handled Sandy to 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch, then went onto the German Spitz ring where I handled a bitch to first in Limit and then took the Cannons "Cain" into the group ring where he was shortlisted for BPIS!!!!. So a busy but enjoyable BUBA for me. Full results can be found at

Dezi's hip score is finally back. He was scored at 10. His sister Sandy went one better than him at 9! These scores fall well below the breed mean of 13.

What a day!!!! Mitzi wins BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the Nordic. I am still reeling from the shock, I didn't realise I had been pulled out until the German Spitz contingent erupted in a roar and applause, I looked up and realised it was me and Mitzi they were applauding. Even though she had had a very long day and was absolutely shattered she showed her little socks off in the BIS ring, I couldn't have asked for more from her. She is now curled up in her bed fast asleep, and on top of the fish tank is a HUGE trophy which is a mounted leather collar in a glass case with all the previous years winners names engraved. Thanks to Eddie and Co. for the donation of some liver cake as I had run out at a crucial moment!
Dezi also did well with a first place in Junior Canaan!

Jill and I had a relaxing and enjoyable day at Bolsover & Dist Canine Soc Open show at Newark. Jill took along Sandy and her two Papillion puppies Mia and Queenie. I took Dezi and Mitzi. It was the very first outing for the Pap pups and only the second for Mitzi and they coped with the extremely noisy and crowded hall very well. AV utility Puppy ended up being judged before AVNSC Utility. Jill had Mia entered and I had Mitzi. There were 15 puppies and we were delighted when both Mitzi and Mia were shortlisted, I was very pleased when Mr Frank Cane then awarded Mitzi a res in such a large and strong puppy class. Then off we went for AVNSC utility, our judge Mr D Jenkins awarded Mitzi a 2nd in Puppy Dog/Bitch. Next it was Dezi's turn and he was awarded 1st in Junior Dog/Bitch, Sandy was entered in Post Graduate Dog/Bitch and also came away with a 1st!

Mitzi had an excellent day at her very first show outing, she was awarded BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at a local exemption show! Dezi was awarded 1st in his class. Thanks to Jill Terry for handling Dezi for me in the challenge.

Some new photos of Mitzi, she is six months old now and turning into a very pretty little lady.

I have uploaded a page with photos and details on the rest of the Gang, the Caoilta chickens, chinchillas, cat and cockatiel! I have also added a page of books on Poultry.

What a day!! I went to the Kensington and District Open show today with Dezi Twix and Santa and won BEST OF BREED with all three of them!!! Of course then there was a problem, how was I going to handle three dogs in the group? Luckily to my rescue came Sam of Spilmah German Spitz, who handled Twix and Richard Kinsey who handled Santa, thanks to both of you for all your help!

Dezi and Sandy were hip scored today, fingers crossed for a good score. I will put the results on the site when I get them back.

I have added a link to a page on a friends site giving information on the very Canaan like Korean Jindo, there are now six Jindo dogs at Overhill Kennels here in the UK.

ANOTHER BABREES CHAMPION!!!! Babrees Desert Spirit, owned by Laurence Aries, is the first UK bred French Champion. Very well done to Jill and Ian on the phenomenal success of their dogs at home and abroad.

Jill Terry was invited to judge a Canaan Dog match and fun day in Switzerland. Click here to go to the web site to see her report and photos of the dogs who took part.

Dezi and I recently took part in a temperament assessment carried out by Guide Dogs for the Blind's Neil Ewart. Click here to go to the web site to see his very interesting report.

Dezi had a good day at Richmond Champ Show this weekend winning 1st in Junior Dog, beating two Wirehaired Vislas, and then going on to win Reserve Best Dog under Joyce Mann who judged Canaan Dogs at Crufts several years ago.

Spent a lovely day at the Saffron Walden and North Essex CS Open show today. I had Dezi and Twix
entered. I had miscalculated Dezi's wins and had entered him in novice dog in error so he had to be transferred to the open class along with Twix, luckily Jill was there and handled Dezi for me. I was delighted when Judge Bob Gregory awarded Dezi 2nd and Twix 1st and reserve Best AVNSC. The Am Cocker who beat Twix for Best AVNSC went on to get Best in Show!

On Sunday I made my way across country to the Welsh Kennel Club Championship show with Dezi and Santa. Jill had entered Sandy and Beth but both apparently decided they didn't want to go. A few days before the show Beth completely tore off a nail on her front foot, and Sandy pulled a muscle in her thigh tearing round the paddock. Although both have recovered now they wouldn't have been at their best on the day so Jill got to stay at home. First in the Schnauzer ring was Santa who got a disappointing 3rd, then it was Dezi's turn in the Canaan ring, he was awarded 1st in Post Graduate Dog and Reserve Best Dog.
An otherwise dull, and frankly predictable day, was brightened up when I caught up with some friends including some fellow Canaan exhibitors who I hadn't seen since Crufts.

Jill and I went to the East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show today with Twix, Dezi
and Sandy. Dezi and Sandy were entered in AVNSC and also AV Rare Breeds, Twix was entered in AV Utility.
Dezi was awarded 1st in AVNSC Junior Dog/Bitch, then got beaten into 2nd by his little sis in the Rare Breed classes!! WELL DONE SANDY!!
Twix was awarded 1st Open Dog/Bitch and then BEST AV UTILITY.

Went to an
extremely hot and humid East of England Championship Show today with Dezi, Twix & Santa. Jill brought along Sandy and Beth. First in the ring was Twix who did very well in the biggest class of the day by winning 2nd in German Spitz Mittel Limit Dog, then it was Santa's turn who won 2nd in Schnauzer Post Graduate Dog, Dezi then went into AVNSC (there were no other breeds entered so it might as well have been Canaan classes) and won 1st Junior Dog, followed by BEST DOG and BEST OF BREED! Sandy got 1st in Junior Bitch and Beth got 2nd in her Open Bitch Class and was awarded RESERVE BEST BITCH. As well as the high temperatures and very long day, just before going into the Group ring a large seating bench fell over with a huge crash right next to Dezi then the wind picked up flapping the marquee and it was thundering, so he was not at his best in the ring but still showed himself pretty well considering. All the dogs were very glad to get home and are now cooling down and relaxing in the garden.

A new member joins the Caoilta Gang, her name is Mitzi (Runfold Fast Forward) and she is 10 weeks old.

BABREES DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!! As well as being the breeders of the first UK bred AKC Champion (see below) they are also the breeders of the FIRST UK BRED ISRAELI CHAMPION!!!! (I have to shout about it coz Jill is too modest) Israeli Ch Timnath Sarah, who is Tzels litter sister, is owned by and bred in partnership with Myrna Shiboleth. A big well done to the Terry's on these two big firsts for Canaan Dogs from the UK, add to this being the breeders of the youngest Canaan Dog to win BOB at Crufts and the first Canaan Dog to win a Pet Plan Junior Stakes heat (Dezi).
Here's to many more Canaan Dog firsts for the Babrees Kennel whose main aim when breeding is to produce healthy dogs which are sound in both temperament and conformation, as well as being true ambassadors for their breed, and of the type preferred by Professor Menzel, founder of the breed.

Jill and Ian Terry of Babrees Canaan Dogs are the breeders of the very first UK born AKC champion!!! Babrees Crystal Gale "Roxy" gained BOB on both days and 7 points at two shows over the weekend, she just needed 2 points to complete her championship. Congratulations to Jill and Ian Terry and Roxy's owners in the US, Noelle & Robin Renteria.

I can only assume that the completely rewritten breed standard has been accepted by the membership of the Canaan Dog Club, there has been no announcement of the number of votes for and against and who was involved in actually counting the votes. The following statement has appeared on the club site, no doubt, in response to the letters of complaint received about the proposed standard. (this is a direct quote errors included)

"This document is based heavily on Dr Menzel's "Pariahunde", with some references to Myrna Shiboleth's book, "The Israel Canaan Dog". The proposed revision of the standard in no way changes the type Canaan we looking to breed and exhibit. Rather the revision expands upon and clarifies some points that have caused confusion. The membership stands by its mission statement, "TO PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE CANAAN DOG IN GREAT BRITAIN AND SAFEGUARD THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS UNIQUE BREED.""

This statement is of course true, the standard in no way changes the type of Canaan Dog which some individuals wish to breed and exhibit, but the undesirable colours, tail carrige, temperament and pigment allowed in the new standard completely contradicts the breed founder and the standard of the country of origin. If individuals wish to breed and exhibit these faults that is their business but they have no right to try and change the standard to make them acceptable. I wish to state that I am not included amongst the "we" in the above statement. I will continue to promote the Canaan Dog as described and founded by Prof. Menzel and oppose any attempt to change the breed.

Mark and I once again attended the West Norfolk Ring Craft society's bi monthly match night and this time it was Santa's turn to come away with Best In Match again!! In the final challenge for Open Dog we ended up with Twix against Santa, which made it interesting as they thought it was play time. Mark also had a great day with Santa Today at Blackpool where he won 1st Post Graduate Dog, Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex!! Sadly there were no CC's on offer.

Yesterday Jill and I attended the Newmarket and District Canine Society Open Show. Although we didn't get far in the breed classes a 2nd for Dezi and a 3rd for Sandy, I managed to get a 1st with Marks Schnauzer who was only beaten in the challenge by the eventual Utility Group winner! The weather was fantastic and we had a lovely day sitting in the sunshine in the company of friends in other breeds. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry (although we did opt for hysterical laughter) when a friend of Jill's arrived with a very obvious GSD cross rescue dog in tow, typical GSD head, huge upright ears and heavy long body. It appears that some fellow Canaan Dog enthusiasts were convinced that this dog was a Canaan, asking what breeding he was and even going so far as to suggest who his dam might have been. Scary thing is, some of these people are on the clubs judges list. <shudder>

Well Babrees and Caoilta Canaan Dogs certainly had a great day today at the Three Counties Championship Show. Dezi won 1st Junior Dog and RESERVE BEST
AVNSC DOG and Sandy won 1st Junior Bitch and RESERVE BEST AVNSC BITCH! We then went into the Pet Plan Junior Stakes and were over the moon when Dezi was not only shortlisted out of a very large entry but WON THE JUNIOR DOG STAKES!!! Sandy was shortlisted in an even bigger Junior bitch class. Dezi has to return to the show on Thursday to compete against the Junior Stakes winners from the other three days, the overall winner goes onto compete for the Junior Dog of the Year 2003! Jill and I are thrilled that Dezi and Sandy did so well against so many other top winning Juniors.

DEZI 1 YEAR OLD TODAY!! And what a fantastic year it has been. See his results page for show results and judges critiques. As far as I know he is also now in the lead as TOP CANAAN DOG.

The 3 girls and 3 boys made their appearance in the early hours of the morning, visit The Babrees site to see photos and pedigrees.

Today Jill, I, Dezi, Sandy, Jack and Beth attended the City of Cambridge & County Canine Society Open Show at Wood Green Animal Shelter. This was Dezi and Sandy's last show as puppies as they turn a year old on Thursday the 22nd of May. Dezi finished up his puppy career on a high note winning 1st in AV Puppy Dog/Bitch and BEST AV PUPPY. Jack got res in Post Graduate Dog/Bitch and Beth won 1st in Open Dog/Bitch.

Dezi has had a wonderful six months in the show ring winning a total of:

  • 14 - 1st places
  • 13 - Best Puppies
  • 4 - Puppy Group placings
  • 2 - Best Dogs
  • 2 - Best of Breeds
  • 2 - Best Puppy in Match
  • 1 - Best in Match
  • 1 - Res. Best Dog
  • 1 - Best Opposite Sex
  • Unbeaten by another Puppy at Championship Level in Breed Classes
  • Beaten only once at Championship Level in AVNSC Puppy Classes
    Thank you to Jill Terry for entrusting this very special boy to me

Mark and I set off on the long journey to Edinburgh for the SKC Champ Show on Thursday, we took along Dezi, Santa (Schnauzer) and Jill's Sandy (Jill was unable to go as she has a bitch due to whelp any day now). We braved the Scottish weather and camped in a tent. At 4am after a cold night spent awake listening to Santa whining in the van he was eventually let into the tent (spoilt brat) where he finally settled. The Canaans, of course, were good as gold. The Schnauzer judging started at 9.30 and I handled Santa to 2nd in Limit Dog, he was also called back in for consideration for the reserve CC which was great!
The Canaans were judged at about 2pm, Malcolm Presland very kindly agreed to handle Sandy for Jill as she could not make the show, but Sandy had other ideas! She decided to go all "Canaan" on him as soon as she set foot in the ring, the Judge, Mr Keith Nathan, was very kind and told us to take as much time as we needed to settle her but it was obvious the little madam was not going to play the game. I then suggested that he handle Dezi and I take Sandy but Dezi then decided he was not going to co-operate either! In the end Mark held Sandy while I showed Dezi. They both stood and moved beautifully with tails up for the judge and after judging Sandy went right up to Malcolm for a pat and a treat as cheeky as you like!

So after all the shenanigans we ended up with Dezi being awarded 1st in Junior Dog/Bitch, BEST PUPPY, BEST DOG AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX and Sandy was awarded RES BEST BITCH! Many thanks to Malcolm Presland for taking time out from the Bulldog ring to help out and also congratulations on his and Mel Vincent's Bulldog bitch getting the Res CC. And thanks also to Mr Nathan for his patience and good humour.

DEZI GETS ANOTHER GROUP WIN!! I took Dezi and Tzel along to the Kensington Canine Society Open Show today where we had three breed classes. Jill was also entered with Beth and Sandy but had to stay at home with a very poorly Dally (Get well soon Leo!!) Our Judge was Mr Terry Nethercott who awarded Tzel BEST OF BREED and Dezi BEST PUPPY and PUPPY GROUP 4

Jill and I attended the "All About Dogs Event" this past weekend. Dezi, Sandy and Layla were our breed representatives and did a wonderful job of meeting the public and were a real credit to the breed. Over the two days we had a huge amount of visitors to the stand many of whom had heard of the Canaan Dog or seen pictures in books and were delighted to meet some in person. A full report on the weekend with photos will be appearing on the website soon.

The Utility and Toy day of the Birmingham National was yesterday. Jill and Itook along Dezi, Sandy, Jack and Beth. We were delighted when Dezi was awarded 1st in Junior Dog/Bitch,then BEST PUPPY and Res BEST DOG. Beth got 1st in Open Bitch and went on to BOS. Jack, with severe scaries, let himself down standing and on the move but it is all good experience and hopefully soon he will figure out that this going out and about is not really that bad

Went to the Hitchin & Dist Open Show today where I handled my partners Schnauzer "Santa" We were awarded 1st Open Dog then Best of Breed and went on to get Utility Group 3! Needless to say Mark is delighted. I also handled an 8 month old German Spitz Klein puppy to Best Puppy and Best of Breed for her owners. Then Dezi went into the stakes classes and won my entry fee back! So a great day all round.

I have just read a breed description stating that the Canaan Dogs coat should be 1/2 an inch to 1 1/2 inches long! This is of course incorrect, according to Prof. Menzels "Pariahunde" the Canaan dog coat STARTS at 1 1/2 inches long to 2 1/2. A typical breed with a 1/2 inch long coat is the Dalmatian! A coat this short on a Canaan dog would be very incorrect and, because of the inevitable lack of undercoat, would not offer adequate protection against the elements.

Also the writer states that round eyes are a structural fault and seems to imply that this would prevent the dog from squinting in the sun!! The standard asks for Dark almond shaped eyes, eyes of any other colour or shape would do no more than ruin the required expression. Round and light eyes give the dog a staring look which is not typical of the breed, but even round eyes have the ability to shut!

Uploaded a new Canaan page called "Meet the Breeder"

Dezi was awarded 1st Puppy Dog and BEST AVNSC PUPPY at the West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show today! There were five Canaan Dogs present as well as Miniature Schnauzers, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and a Schipperke.

Today at the Eastwood Kennel Association Open Show Dezi was awarded BEST AVNSC and BEST AVNSC PUPPY beating a Champion Canaan! he was also shortlisted in a very large and strong puppy group! The AVNSC Judge was Juliette Cunliffe. Twix was awarded 1st Open Dog in German Spitz Mittel classes, the judge was Lee Cox. It was Eastwoods diamond jubilee show and there were special prizes for the Best of Breeds and Best Puppies . We came home with an Eastwood umbrella, baseball cap and teddy bear.

ANOTHER PUPPY GROUP WIN FOR DEZI!! Today at the Bury St Edmunds & Dist Canine Society Open show Dezi won BEST AVNSC PUPPY and went on to be awarded PUPPY GROUP 3 from a strong group class of 9 other puppies. The Judge was Mr M Hart.

DEZI DOES IT AGAIN!!! We once again attended the West Norfolk Ring Craft society's bimonthly match where Dezi and Santa did so well in February, Santa won the Open Dog class, but this time Dezi won BEST PUPPY and BEST IN MATCH!!! The Judge was Mr J Smith.

Added Dezi's critique from the Isle of Ely Open Show.

PUPPY GROUP 1 WIN FOR DEZI Dezi and I had a wonderful day today! We went to our local Kings Lynn & District Kennel Society show in Wisbech, Jill brought along Jack, Beth and Sandy. In Utility AVNSC Puppy Dog/Bitch Dezi won 1st in a class of 5 and Sandy got 4th, in Graduate Dog/Bitch Jack got 2nd in a class of 7 and in Open Dog/Bitch Beth got 2nd in a class of 5. Dezi then won Best AVNSC Puppy and went on to win the UTILITY PUPPY GROUP! Our Judge was Mrs Sarah Hattrell-Brown.

Today at BUBA Open Show, Dezi was awarded, 1st Puppy D/B and BEST PUPPY IN BREED by Dr S. Hemstock, and shortlisted for BPIS by Mr R. Oldham. His sister, Sandy, was awarded 2nd Puppy D/B, but went on to win 1st AV Puppy Bitch also under Mr Oldham. So a very good day for the little ones.
I also met some friends in Akitas that I had'nt seen for a few years, they have moved to Greece with their two Akitas and are really enjoying life there. It was great to catch up with all the gossip.
Some adverts which recently appeared in the UK dog press have generated a lot of interest and comments from non Canaan people, and none of it good, it seems that whoever said "there is no such thing as bad publicity" was very wrong.

Started a new guestbook, entries from the old one can be seen here

Added Dezi's critique from his Crufts win, I am delighted that the judge liked him so much. The complete judges report can be viewed on the website

I have finally caught up with myself after the excitement of the weekend. Poor Dezi was so tired and took himself straight to bed when we got home, a few hours sleep and he was back to his normal self stealing a large box of sugar cubes from the worktop in the kitchen! I am sure he, the schnauzers and German Spitz had a great time crunching away on them and all that was left was the shredded box they came in.

There were 13 dogs and no absentees entered under our Crufts Judge, Melanie Vincent. All the winners were presented with beautiful plates the judge had brought over from Israel, my two now have pride of place along with all the cards and good wishes I have received. There was also a very nice round of applause for our judge at the completion of judging.

Our merry bunch of 6 Canaan exhibitors had a great time chatting to the many people who visited our benches to see the dogs and take photos. We were benched across from some Tibetan Spaniel exhibitors who, at the end of the day, complimented us on our dogs and were genuinely impressed with how well behaved they all were.

Thankfully the day was not marred by the Canaan Dog Club sending out a newsletter just prior to Crufts criticising the Kennel Club, demeaning the Judge, stating that the breed would not be well represented and making assumptions about the placings and all before a single dog had stepped into the ring! Everyone outside of the breed who has seen this article has expressed their utter disgust and cannot understand why the Club would want to try and damage the breed it is supposed to be supporting in this way. Those of us who are used to reading such things know to laugh it off take it with a very large pinch of salt. Thankfully we were also able to reassure the novice exhibitors who had entered, so the article did not have the desired effect which was undoubtedly to upset those who went against the Clubs wishes and entered their dogs.

Well what a day!! Dezi came away from Crufts winning
1st Open Dog, Best Dog, Best Puppy and Best of Breed!!! I am completely over the moon and still cant believe it. Dezi was completely shattered by the time he got to the Group ring but he didn't let me down and showed his socks off, I couldn't have asked for more.

This morning saw the launch of a brand new web site called UK Canaan Dog Info dedicated to the Canaan Dog in the UK. Regularly updated with the latest show results and news from the UK and abroad, breed information, a forum, question and answer section and lots more!

Yesterday at the Sheffield & Dist Open show Dezi was awarded 1st in AV Puppy Dog by Finnish Judge Mr Johan Juslin.

Jill Terry's Babrees Crystal Hurricane (Cane) with a score of 6 has set a new record for the lowest hip score recorded for a Canaan dog in the UK, beating his kennel mate Layla Me Shaar Hagai, dam of my Tzel and Dezi, who previously held the title! Well done Cane and Jill!
Some other scores are -
Babrees Crystal Song (Crystal) 8
Makiwer Black Knight for Tokra (Jack) 9
Makiwer Enchantress for Tokra (Tess) 10

DEZI WINS A PUPPY GROUP 2! Went to our local open show today, the Isle
of Ely Canine Society with Dezi and Tzel. Jill brought along Jack, Sandy and Cane. We were delighted when Dezi was awarded 1st in AVNSC Puppy, then BEST AVNSC PUPPY and went on to win Puppy Group 2! Cane was awarded 2nd in Junior, Jack got 3rd in Post Graduate and Tzel got 3rd in open beating some very nice dogs too! Our Judge was Miss Sue Bird.

My Quote of the moment after reading this weeks dog papers - "Some people don't get any respect at all because they are asking for the respect they deserve." Unknown

Last night Mark and I attended the West Norfolk Ring Craft society's bimonthly match with Dezi and Santa (Schnauzer), we were delighted when Santa was awarded Best Open Dog and Res Best in Match and Dezi was awarded BEST PUPPY IN MATCH! The Judge was Mrs H Irving.

I have revamped and expanded my Book Shop section and will be adding more titles soon, I will also eventually be including other breeds.

We were supposed to be going to an open show today but because of the heavy snow fall and treacherous road conditions we decided to stay at home. I have uploaded new photos of Dezi playing in the snow to his photo album this is the first time he has seen snow and he cant get enough of it!

Today I took Dezi to the East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show in Thetford, Dezi won a 1st in A.V.N.S.C Puppy Dog/Bitch, there were 13 other puppies entered and 9 present, and then went on to win BEST AVNSC PUPPY! It was a lovely friendly show with a nice atmosphere and plenty of applause round the rings for the winners.

Today Jill Terry and I flew the Canaan dog flag at the City of Cambridgeshire open show at Wood Green. We had a good day with my Dezi winning BEST AV MINOR PUPPY DOG, Tzel getting 1st in AVNSC Limit and Jill's Sandy getting pulled out 4th in a large AVNSC puppy dog/bitch class. The judge was Mr E. Paterson

OUR NEW LOOK FOR 2003! Anyone who has been to this site before will no doubt notice that it has had a complete overhaul I hope it is easy to get around and all the links work. If you have and questions or comments please write to me.

Today Babrees Crystal Hurricane (Cane), Makiwer Black Knight for Tokra (Jack), and Makiwer Enchantress for Tokra (Tessa,) were hip scored. I will post the results when they arrive.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! To Jill & Cliff Ogburn of Tamberg Schnauzers, on winning PUP OF THE YEAR with their Mini Schnauzer, Risepark Smart Fella For Tamberg, "Jack"

Today I have added a new photo to Dezi's album and also updated his page. I am currently working on a photo album featuring shots of all of my dogs, I hope to have it up and running very soon.

Since 1997 the Canaan dog breed has only had one Crufts Judge who was on the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's judges list at the time of judging, this was the 2001 judge. In 1997 we had four classes and in '98, '99, '00 and '02 we were allocated six classes, the judges were not on the judges list, and there was no objections from anyone. According to the Kennel Club the Canaan Dog Club (whose aim is to "promote the interests of the Canaan Dog in the UK") have, for reasons best known to themselves, chosen to complain to the KC about the fact that our 2003 Judge is not on the judges list and have had our classes reduced from eight to three. Also it has been decided by the CDC that the winning dogs at Crufts 2003 will not gain any points towards the Club trophies. Interesting......................
Sigh!.....sometimes ya just got to let the public know what's going on.