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Caoilta News 2007

Myrna Shiboleth, who is THE foremost authority on the Canaan Dog, has written "Guidelines to judging the Canaan Dog" for the Israel Kennel Club. In full colour and with many photographs detailing what is correct and incorrect in the breed.
Click here to view the Judging Guide


Floyd wins both his classes, Best of Breed and the last two points needed for his Junior Warrant at Lincoln Canine Society!!

Floyd wins the dog CC and Best of Breed at LKA!!!

Dezi wins Best of Breed at BUBA for the second year in a row.

Dezi wins Best of Breed at The Nordic

Floyd wins his class at the Huntingdonshire Canine Soc open show.

Titch (Caoilta Creme Brule) flew to her new home in Connecticut, USA today.

Galaxy (Caoilta Galaxy) flew to his new home today in Finland.

Twix and Floyd both win their classes at the German Spitz Club Champ Show.

This weekend we went to the German Spitz Breeders & Owners Club breed assessment and eye testing session. The assessor was Spitz breed specialist Georg Walther from Germany. First to be assessed was Floyd who was on top form and was graded Excellent with the following comment "Embodies the standard, a truly great dog" !! Myself and his breeder Nikki (Liubice Spitz) are understandably over the moon that he thought so highly of Floyd. Next up was Dilli who was also graded Excellent with the comment "
Very typey bitch, excellent expression, balanced angulation, not in full bloom". I was delighted when her litter brother Ty, owned by John and Amanda, (Zephon Spitz), was also graded Excellent. Ty and Dilli's marks were almost identical with the differences exactly where we expected them. Floyd also had his eyes tested by Prof. Bedford and they were clear. So another "excellent" weekend at the Caoilta household.

ANOTHER BEST PUPPY FOR FLOYD!!!! at East of England! Twix is going to be a Dad!! Mitzi has been scanned and is expecting puppies around the middle of August.

22.7.07 WE HAVE PUPPIES DUE!! See puppy page for more details.

18.7.07 Floyd wins BEST PUPPY IN BREED at East of England

5.7.07 Dezi wins BEST OF BREED at South Wales

Catching up with the news, Dilli won her 5th Post Graduate Bitch class in a row at Blackpool, Floyd has continued his winning ways with a 1st in Puppy Dog, a 1st in Junior Dog and another BEST PUPPY IN BREED at Blackpool making the very long journey well worth it! Nikki (Liubice Spitz) had a great show at Three Counties winning the Res. CC with Floyd and Dilli's half brother, Bert (Rossfort Caractacus).
Nikki's Lollop (Rossfort Xanadu from Liubice) did very well at Newmarket Open Show winning BEST OF BREED AND GROUP 2!!

22.6.07 Floyd wins BEST PUPPY IN BREED at Blackpool

23.6.07 Floyd is currently the TOP GERMAN SPITZ MITTEL PUPPY in the UK!!

10.6.07 Twix wins BEST IN SHOW at the Norwegian Buhund Club Fun day

Nikki (Liubice Spitz) and I shared a car and battled through the terrible weather to get to Bath. It was a day of surprises with Dilli winning Post Graduate Bitch and then to my shock, the Bitch CC!!

What a day we had today!!! Went to Birmingham National with Floyd and Dilli. Floyd won 1st in Minor Puppy Dog then astounded us all by taking the Res Dog CC! He automatically won Best Puppy Dog and then beat the puppy Bitch winner for BEST PUPPY IN BREED!
Needless to say myself and Nikki (his breeder) were over the moon! Then it was Dilli's turn and she won 1st in Post Graduate Bitch. Next up was Nikki's Lollop (Rossfort Xanadu from Liubice) who won 2nd in Open bitch and then went on to take the Res. Bitch CC!

Floyd attended his very first champ show today. He won 1st Puppy Dog, the biggest class of the day with 12 entries, then went on to win BEST PUPPY IN BREED! The Judge was Mrs Betty Peach.

After spending a well earned two week break in Goa, India we returned to the fabulous news that Floyd (Liubice Crazy Diamond for Caoilta) had won BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the German Spitz Club Open Show! Nikki (Liubice Spitz) very kindly looked after Floyd and Dilli while I was away and took them to the show for me. I was greeted by a pile of Rosettes and two excited Spitz when I went to collect them. A very big THANK YOU to Nikki for an excellent job in handling the little fella and looking after both of them.

Well that's Crufts over and done with for another year! Although we did not do as well as we have in previous years we did not come away empty handed. Dilli won 1st Junior Bitch, Twix won 2nd in Veteran Dog and Mitzi won 3rd in Limit Bitch. Santa did very well winning 1st Open Dog and the Res. Dog CC in Schnauzers.

On Saturday myself and the Spitz gang manned the Discover Dogs stand. Floyd and Dilli thought they had died and gone to heaven, a constant stream of people who just wanted to fuss over them. When the youngsters had a rest Mitzi and Twix took over, Mitzi is a veteran of such events and can wrap anyone round her little paw and had even the most manly men there oohing and cooing over her and tickling her belly. Twix is usually more reserved with such things but the first sign of a child wanting to say hi and he went all silly doing his "kidney bean dance" and grinning at them. They were a big hit with the visitors who were very impressed with how friendly they all were. There were a lot of sensible questions asked about the breed and there were many visitors there with a list of breeds to see and compare before deciding what breed they would get as a family pet. I only had two people who walked up and the first question out of their mouths was "How much do these go for?"

Tonight we attended St Clements Dog Training Club with Dilli and Floyd. Dilli did very well winning her way through several rounds to win the 12 to 18 months class and then went on to the challenge and won BEST IN MATCH! Little Floyd did well and won through one round and had a great night socializing with the other puppies.

Today at Isle of Ely at only her second ever open show Dilli was awarded 1st in Post Graduate and BEST OF BREED the judge was Miss Lauren Gillies.


I braved the awful weather to go to Manchester Champ Show with Dilli and Dezi. The drive to the show was a bit hair raising at times with high sided trucks swaying all over the motorway in the gale force winds and torrential rain. The journey turned out to be well worth it though when Dezi took 1st in Open Dog then BEST OF BREED under Tom Mather. Dilli got 3rd in Junior bitch so has qualified for Crufts 2008. The journey home was very long and tiring as there was traffic chaos due to overturned trees and lorries and the M6 was at a complete standstill. We finally arrived home at 11.30pm!