Floyd Show Results

Boston & Dist Canine Soc Simone Sear 1st Open Dog
Best Dog
Sleaford & Dist Alan Carter 1st Open Dog/Bitch
3 year old male, real show man, correct on size under the measure. Good head on the dog, alert for the breed. Correct bite, excellent front and shoulder placement. Good body, good bone on him as well, moved well round the ring, BOB.
Windsor Jeff Luscott
Loved the balance between these two, excellent size, good bodies and appeal in heads, moving well together, good looking brace.
SKC Mrs M Hunter Res Dog CC
WELKS Mr R Ensz 1st Open Dog
Dog CC (his 3rd!)
Crazy he was not, but Diamond yes! Really lovely shaped exhibit with a shining white coat so well groomed. He has a good spitz head with small upright ears and firm body. Moved with verve and drive to win the CC.
City of Birmingham Mrs N M Naylor

1st Limit Dog
Unbeaten in Limit Dog this was Floyd's 7th consecutive Limit win.

Well boned, white, handsome boy in good coat of lovely texture, head of equal proportion giving a true wedge. Desired expression, square outline, moderate tuckup, correct length of neck well set into shoulders, moved and showed well.

Welsh Kennel Club Mrs H Gilles 1st Limit Dog
Bournemouth Mrs P Allison 1st Limit Dog
Res Dog CC
Very striking white, profuse coat groomed to perfection, nicely balanced head, flat skull, lovely dark eye, neat ears, good wedge, correct pigmentation, good mouth, good neck & sound construction, in hard muscular condition which showed in his correct movement.
East of England Mr Brian Bennett 1st Limit Dog
Res Dog CC
Good expressive head, good dark eye. Lovely outline, good neck & shoulders, excellent body, lovely bone & feet, moved very well. Pushed CC winner all the way.
Leeds Mrs N Allison 1st Limit Dog
Res. Best Dog
Quality, well boned dog, lovely in profile. Strong, masculine head forming nice wedge. Almond eye, neat ears, well placed. Correct angulations front & rear, straight legs. Well ribbed up, moderate tuck up, short loin. Good tail set. In full harsh coat, to his detriment today as he was sadly flagging in the heat.
SKC Mr C Gillies 1st Limit Dog
Dog CC
The National Mr Bill McBain 1st Limit Dog
Res Dog CC
Beautiful well presented dog with good movement. Lovely masculine head. Level top line & good reach.
Crufts 2008 Mr M C Freeman 1st Limit Dog
Res Dog CC
Cream, lovely masculine head, good ear set & pigmentation, profuse coat, short back, straight front, good top line, moved very soundly.
Lincoln Canine Society Mrs Ann Drechsler
1st Post Graduate Dog/Bitch
1st Open Dog/Bitch
wining his last two Junior Warrant points
Quality 14 mnth white with masculine well shaped head, neat well placed ears & darkest of eyes & pigment. Lovely shape with balanced body, gd top line & high set tail. Strong boned legs & neat feet, sound straight mover
Ladies Kennel Association Mr Frank Kane 1st Junior Dog
Dog CC
Stood out here, beautiful shape & balance & carried it well on the move. Nose pigment could be darker. Excellent coat texture, sound & typical on the move, excellent head & ears, I thought him an outstanding young dog. CC his first & BOB
Huntingdonshire Canine Soc Mrs Nicky Garbutt 1st Junior Dog
Very promising white dog of good proportions who presents a lovely square outline. Attractive masculine head with dark, well shaped & placed eyes, topped off with neat well set ears combine to give a good expression. Just enough reach of neck set onto his well constructed body, & a good tail set adds to the balanced picture. In abundant coat of good harsh texture. Good side gait but moving away just needs to tighten up behind.
German Spitz Club Ch Show Mr Albert Wight 1st Junior Dog
This cream & white had heaps going for him. Loved his headpiece, the shape, its balance, the beautiful eyes for size, shape, colour & expression. Enough reach of neck, firm in body, level backline, well set & carried tail, ample weight in bone & neat feet. Shown in spanking condition
Driffield Mr Ellis Hulme 1st Junior Dog
Masculine white without coarseness, good head, eye & ears, strong pigmentation, well ribbed up, level top line, nicely angulated, good legs & feet, made the most of himself standing & moving, well presented harsh stand-off coat.
City of Birmingham Mrs Val Dyer 1st Junior Dog
White dog with excellent pigmentation, in lovely coat,& condition, coat of correct harsh texture good head & expression good mover but can stand close in front.
Welsh Kennel Club Mrs Chris Trendle 1st Puppy Dog

Absolutely stunning boy with a fabulous coat & pigment. Well made throughout, lovely balanced head & expression, lovely mouth. Showing for his handler like a veteran.
Bournemouth Miss G Morgen 1st Puppy Dog
In lovely coat. Lovely dark eye nice head with lovely expression. Showed & moved to perfection. Pleasing to see him short listed in the Utility Puppy Group.
Mr M G Marshall
Puppy Group Judge
GSBOC Breed Survey Georg Walther
Spitz Breed Specialist
Graded Excellent
Embodies the standard. a truly great dog.
East of England Mr G Cruze 1st Puppy Dog
Eye catching very showy dog. Lovely dark oval shaped eye,correct scissor bite. Balanced square outline, has a very abundant coat with good texture. Super tailset & carriage, nice bone, correct moderate angulation, quite easily won the class. Moved very well.
South Wales Mr B Gregory 1st Puppy Dog
Blackpool Mr T R Caldow 1st Puppy Dog
1st Junior Dog
Well made young promising white dog almost 10 months of age. Very good wedge head shape with well placed good sized ears. Very good black pigmentation & nice dark eyes. Correctly angulated shoulders. Nice neat & tight feet. Good rear angulation. Stands square & moved very well.
Three Counties Miss M Deats 1st Junior Dog
9 months white, stunning outline, beatiful head, superb pigmentation, neat ears well set on, lovely oval eye shape with slight oblique set. Excellent profuse coat with very good texture, good body shape with short loin, well ribbed back, good sound movement, was taken with both these young lads,(winner of PD + Floyd) which augurs well for the breeds future.
Birmingham National Mrs M Somerfield 1st Minor Puppy Dog
Res Dog CC
Beautiful white, so well balanced, very good head eye ears & pigment, good front & hindquarters, well bodied in good coat & condition, moved & showed well. Looks like having an exciting future.
WELKS Mrs B Peach

1st Puppy Dog
Handsome white boy in superb coat. Balanced head with dark eyes, neat ears, ample neck. Firm body & well set on tail. Smart little mover. Showed himself off to perfection. Excellent showman.

German Spitz Club Open Show Mrs Jane Lilley 1st Puppy Dog
Best Puppy Dog
Best Mittel Puppy
Divine masculine baby of just six months with an expression to die for! Gorgeous head & eye with the darkest of pigment contrasting sharply against his white coat, small well set & carried ears, excellent topline & neat cat feet. So good to h&le as all the parts fit firmly into the right place with good angulation of shoulders & hindquarters. Full of fun & so alert, he moved very well for his age with good topline. Obviously & rightly, babyish in coat at the moment but would not want him any other way. BPD, BP & with the agreement of my co-judge, Maggie Mulholland, BPIS.